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#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Home At Last

by Randi Rhodes posted May 8 2013 5:11PM

Now the abducted women are back with their families. Maybe now people will stop thinking of Cleveland as the butt of jokes and start thinking of it as a really weird and creepy place. This is a story straight out of… wow, I don’t think anyone has covered quite this ground before. It has elements of “Silence of the Lambs.” I hope these Castro brothers weren’t also eating people’s brains.
In 2005, the brother who lived in the house, Ariel Castro, had been arrested for beating a woman he has three children with. The woman said that Castro broke her nose twice, her ribs, dislocated her shoulder twice, knocked out a tooth, and caused a blood clot on her brain. It sounds like she would have been better off as one of his captives. The whole family is bizarre. One of Castro’s daughters is serving 25 years in prison for attempting to murder her own infant daughter. It sounds like this entire family should just pack up and move to Dagestan.
Should the 911 operator who took Amanda Berry’s call have stayed on the line with her until police arrived? She really sounded like she was impatient to get back to work. You’re on the phone to a kidnapping victim—this IS your work!

As usual, Rush Limbaugh got right to the heart of this story of the kidnappings in Cleveland—welfare! I’m truly surprised. The suspects are Hispanic. Wouldn’t it have been easier to go the anti-immigration route? Before you think that Rush’s response was crazy, you should know that Rush linked the story of the captive women to Obama and welfare by citing an episode of Hawaii Five-0. So it’s not crazy, it’s completely crazy.

Sexual assault in the military is up dramatically. The military is looking for answers, as you may have expected, in all the wrong places. Air Force Chief of Staff General Mark Welsh blamed the increase on sexual assault in the military on the “hookup culture” of the kids these days. That makes as much sense as Rush Limbaugh blaming the Cleveland kidnappings on a welfare fraud scheme. Welsh said 20 percent of female recruits report being assaulted before they enter the military. OK... is it asking too much to ask the military not to continue that?

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Shedding light on the ‘how’, Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath confirmed today that ropes and chains were found in the house where the victims were held...

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05/08/2013 5:10PM
#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Home At Last
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