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#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Gun Nuts

by Randi Rhodes posted Jan 31 2013 5:53PM
Asked yesterday by Dick Durbin if Americans needed guns to take on their own government, Wayne LaPierre said the Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment so that Americans “would never have to live under tyranny.” And by “tyranny,” he means government that the Founding Fathers were setting up with the rest of the Constitution. Wayne LaPierre thinks that the Founding Fathers set up a system of government, and then included the 2nd Amendment as some sort of “self-destruct button” if people didn’t like everything that government did.

Gayle Trotter was like Wayne LaPierre with even more testosterone. I guess it’s hard to come off as a credible spokesperson for women when your point is that female empowerment comes from the barrel of an assualt rifle. I don’t think that women got the vote by brandishing assault weapons. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of Susan B. Anthony, and never have I seen her posing with an AR-15. Gayle Trotter probably thinks that Seneca Falls was a military strategy summit where women planned out their siege of Washington.

Gayle lives in a world where a mommy with babies fights off “three, four, five violent attackers” with her trusty assault rifle (even though that has never happened). But how good is an assault rifle against “three, four, five” other assault rifles? Gayle—if the NRA has their way, all those hardened, violent criminals will have easy access to the same weapons! The way Trotter describes it, the attackers never seem to have the sense to get the same guns as mommy has, even though they’re readily available at any gun show. Trotter lives in a fantasy world where mommy is Bruce Willis with an AR-15, and all the “hardened, violent criminals” for some bizarre reason still rely on weapons like icepicks and baseball bats.
President Obama’s nominee for Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee today. John McCain went on one of his “Grumpy Grandpa” tirades over Hagel’s previous statements about the surge and Iraq. McCain thundered “history has already made a judgment about the surge, sir, and you are on the wrong side of it.” Yes John, and history has made a much harsher judgment about the invasion of Iraq in the first place, and you are definitely on the wrong side of that.

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01/31/2013 5:59PM
#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Gun Nuts
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03/21/2013 4:15AM
How many children?
How many children has Obama murdered in Pakistan with his drone attacks?
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