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#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Gun Lust

by Randi Rhodes posted Feb 12 2013 5:52PM

Ted Nugent is attending President Obama’s State of the Union Address as the invited guest of Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX). This is a man who should not be allowed anywhere near the US Capitol—and I’m just talking about Steve Stockman right now! Other members of Congress typically invite war heroes or first responders to the SOTU. Steve Stockman has chosen a draft-dodging serial pedophile. Many other members of Congress have invited people who have been affected by gun violence. In a sense, Ted Nugent has been affected by gun violence—I’m sure it turns him on... that, and underage girls. Oh and Ted, this is the State of the Union Address—do try to find an article of clothing that doesn’t have a Confederate flag on it.
Nugent claims he “will be taking on the media orgy.” That’s like the idiot who crashed the Grammy Awards saying he did what he did to bring attention to the music. You’re going to take on the “media orgy,” Ted? You’re the lube in the media orgy!

Michele Obama’s special guest for the SOTU is a 102-year old woman who had to jump the Republicans’ hurdles to vote in Florida this last election. The appropriately named Desiline Victor is a Haitian immigrant who had to wait for hours to vote for Obama in November. And when you’re 102 years old, every hour counts! Yes, Florida Governor Rick Scott kept a 102-year old woman waiting in line for hours to vote. I haven’t seen a picture of Desiline Victor yet, but I’m willing to bet that she still looks several decades younger than Rick Scott looks. Rick Scott looks like he died 102 years ago—and had his body thrown in a swamp.

Rush Limbaugh is trying to turn the story of murder suspect Chris Dorner into a tale of race, because for Rush everything is always about race. Rush only sees the world in black and white... and he doesn’t much like the black part. Rush said that for liberals, “the fact that he’s black is a factor here.” No, Rush—for you, the fact that he’s black is the only factor here, just like it always is in every story.

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02/12/2013 5:57PM
#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Gun Lust
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