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#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Droning On

by Randi Rhodes posted Feb 7 2013 12:09PM
The White House is turning over to Congress a Justice Department memo that details the legal justification for killing American citizens abroad who are considered terrorists. If this were still the Bush White House, you would never even be told that memo exists. But you could be sure that it would. This raises an interesting question—Republicans hate everything that Obama does, but can they bring themselves to hate killing?
Even if you trust Obama’s judgment, the powers being used here won’t be leaving when Obama leaves office. You have to picture these powers in the hands of the worst person imaginable... which would be any Republican candidate you can think of. Can you imagine President Michele Bachmann with the power to order the killing of American citizens? I know… I lost you to a panic attack when you saw the phrase “President Michele Bachmann.” What if President Rick Santorum had the power to order killing? Nobody would be safe unless they were a fetus. Under President Rick Santorum, the only location on earth safe from a drone strike would be a uterus. And since Santorum would be perfectly willing to kill the woman who owned the uterus, nobody would really be safe.
On that note, Alabama State Senator Shadrack McGill, who is pushing a “personhood” bill says “my question concerning aborted babies is, where do they go, heaven or hell?” I don’t know what awaits us in the afterlife, but I suspect that there is a special hell for people who think that aborted babies might go to hell. But I take it that Senator McGill has spent a lot of time reading the Bible. Yet he says he can’t figure out where aborted babies go. I would think that if this question was as important to God as it is to Senator McGill, then God would have more clearly spelled out his feelings on the issue.

The personhood amendment effectively bans in-vitro fertilization because in that process, many eggs are fertilized in a petri dish and only a few are implanted in the womb. So McGill wants to mandate that ALL the eggs are put in the womb. But they won’t survive. So he’s sentencing most of those fertilized eggs to death anyway... unless he finds a woman who is capable of delivering a litter of 10 babies.

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02/08/2013 12:14PM
#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Droning On
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