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#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Deja Vu

by Randi Rhodes posted Mar 12 2013 5:59PM

Today Paul Ryan and the other Republicans on the budget committee release their budget proposal... release as in “release the hounds.” Ryan says he will balance the budget in 10 years, by simply throwing everything else in America out of balance. This is more like a 10 year prison sentence for the American people. And when we get out in 2023, there wouldn’t be anything left of our country.

This isn’t the Ryan budget plan that voters so soundly rejected in November. It’s much worse. Ryan’s previous budget was a nightmare that he claimed balanced the budget in 30 years. He says this one will do it in 10 years... by being 3 times as bad. Paul Ryan’s plan is itself a giant voucher program. Instead of addressing the real problems this country has, it offers Americans a voucher saying they’ve balanced the budget—which is about as useful as the vouchers Ryan wants to replace Medicare with.

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has joined a big financial industry lobbying firm. Or to put it more accurately, Scott Brown has formally joined a big financial industry lobbying firm. Scott Brown is now employed by Nixon Peabody, a lobbying firm that works for Goldman Sachs. But then when you get down to it, don’t we all just work for Goldman Sachs? In addition to working on behalf of Wall Street, Scott Brown also works for Fox News. Gee, if he can land a post at the Heritage Foundation, he’ll have pulled off the trifecta of job openings for former Republican politicians. posted a bogus story from a satirical website that said liberal pundit Paul Krugman had declared personal bankruptcy. Note to the rightwing echo chamber—it’s one thing to run an echo chamber as a charade of real media. But try to make at least a few of the echoes based on real events. The “story” of Paul Krugman’s bankruptcy began with the Daily Currant, a website that makes up absurd stories for people’s amusement. That’s essentially what the rightwing media does, except for the “amusement” part. I would be happier if the rightwing media like Breitbart were just making things up. At least that would show some creativity. But no—they just copy things other people make up.

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03/12/2013 6:09PM
#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Deja Vu
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