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#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Deep Seated

by Randi Rhodes posted Mar 8 2013 6:35PM
We received a very racist email from one “Daniel,” but one that was oddly cordial. It wasn’t dripping with hate so much as it was frosted with hate. It was like a big old racist cake with an intolerance frosting. This guy didn’t exactly spew racism. It was more like he politely presented racism. It was like reading what would happen if Miss Manners and David Duke had a baby.

The email said the most shocking things possible about black people, but was quite polite to me personally. Doesn’t this guy know I’m Jewish? Or is he just a very specialized racist? It’s one thing to hate. It’s quite another to sit down and write a two-page letter detailing your racism. There’s wrong, and then there is adamantly wrong. This email was shocking on many levels, one of them being that there were relatively few grammatical or spelling errors. It looks like at least some racists have partially mastered spellcheck. The best spelling mistake was when he spelled Morgan Freeman’s name as “Morgan Friedman.” And he wasn’t attacking Morgan Freeman! Maybe he’s convinced himself that “Morgan Friedman” is just a very dark-skinned Jew.

Here’s the kicker—Daniel tells me “I think you do a fine job most of the time.” Oh. My. God. How can someone who calls black people “monkeys” agree with me on policy matters? So Daniel agrees with me on things like the fact that we need to protect voting rights. It’s just that he thinks we need to protect the voting rights of a bunch of monkeys. There's plenty of reading for Daniel in today's Homework.

Meanwhile, once again the monthly unemployment figures show robust jobs growth, despite the best efforts of Republicans... or worst efforts, to be more accurate. The private sector added 246,000 jobs, while Republicans only managed to eliminate 10,000 public sector jobs. If the economy was an elderly woman in a retirement home, Obama would administer CPR. But the Republicans wouldn’t just wait for paramedics to arrive—they would be out in front of the building trying to block the ambulance.
Rand Paul’s filibuster this week wasn’t designed to spread the word about drones. It was designed to spread paranoia about drones... specifically, paranoia about Obama and drones. Rand Paul wasn’t just up there to hear himself talk, though in his mind that was a big plus. Rand wanted to scare his followers, and to raise money from them, and those two things seem to go hand-in-hand. I think that these are people who enjoy being scared—it helps them justify their hatred.

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03/08/2013 6:35PM
#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Deep Seated
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