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#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Another Scolding

by Randi Rhodes posted Jan 18 2013 8:13PM
Chris Christie has condemned the NRA ad that attacked President Obama’s daughters. That’s good news in the sense that there’s at least one Republican who knows that crazy is not the way to go. Christie even made the correct observation that the president and his children “don’t have a choice” whether they are protected or not. He not only tells Republicans when they’re wrong, he explains to them why they are. Christie said that the NRA’s actions make them “less of a valid, trusted source of information.” I would disagree with that on the grounds that there’s no way the NRA could be any less of a valid, trusted source of information.

Two idiots target shooting with an AK-47 in suburban Ohio sent bullets flying into homes. First of all, what’s the point of “target shooting” with an assault rifle? Anybody can hit a target with an AK-47. The problem is that you will also hit everything else within hundreds of yards! The men face a series of felony charges. Sadly, that’s the only surprising thing about this whole story. The local newspaper said that the police who responded “found themselves dodging bullets.” Nobody is fast enough to dodge a bullet. It’s more accurate to say that police found themselves lucky not to get hit by bullets. So did everybody in the neighborhood. The men were also drinking and had drugs on them. And the NRA thinks the 2nd Amendment exists so that imbeciles like this can resist “tyrants!”

After a week of news about guns, we have a big story about drugs. You know we’re in America! Lance Armstrong has confessed to doping, after years of vehement denials. I guess when you bicycle as fast as a doped-up Lance Armstrong did, it’s pretty hard to backpedal. Armstrong described his years of denial as “one big lie that I repeated a lot of times.” And now it’s one big lie that he’s making major revisions to. This isn’t about Lance Armstrong getting something off his chest—this is about Lance Armstrong getting back into cycling. It’s not exactly a “come to Jesus” moment. It’s more like Lance is trying to make a new arrangement with the Devil.

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01/18/2013 8:12PM
#RandiRhodes @RandiRadio blog: Another Scolding
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