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#Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: Unhinged

by Randi Rhodes posted Jan 10 2013 5:20PM

Vice President Biden said after a meeting of his gun task force that President Obama is considering using executive orders to combat gun violence. There is plenty Obama can do. Conservative members of Congress have kept the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms without a director for the past six years! Obama can make a recess appointment for someone to head the BATF. That should be no problem—this is a Congress that takes a LOT of recesses.
The NRA is trying to stop the city of Tucson from destroying guns that people turned in for a gun buyback program. Oh. My. God. The NRA loves guns the way Rick Santorum loves zygotes! How long before we have a law giving personhood to guns? If the NRA fails to save these guns and they end up being destroyed, I wonder if they’ll build a memorial to the slain guns.

I truly thought it was impossible, but someone has “out Alex Jones’d” Alex Jones! One James Yeager has posted a video saying he will “start killing people” if Obama strengthens gun background checks through executive order. If that’s your cue to “start killing people,” then your threshold for killing people is WAY too low. Yeager runs a company called “Tactical Response.” I would say his response here was not very tactical. Some conservative pundits are going to bemoan the fact that psychopaths like Yeager undermine their message. But it’s conservative pundits like Glenn Beck and Matt Drudge who create the James Yeagers. James Yeager is the kind of Frankenstein’s monster that all this rhetoric from people like Wayne LaPierre has created. If James Yeager is Frankenstein’s monster, Wayne LaPierre is Dr. Frankenstein.

Wait! There’s a guy in Florida who says that the Newtown massacre was a fake staged with professional actors. Are these people in some sort of contest to top each other? Bad news for James Yeager—Yeager is from Tennessee. If there’s a contest over who is craziest, the entrant from Florida always wins. Yes, James Tracy, a professor from Florida Atlantic University, says that Obama arranged for trained “crisis actors” to stage the Newtown massacre. Of course, the big unanswered question is—were they really child actors, or did Obama use midgets?
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01/10/2013 5:23PM
#Randi Rhodes @RandiRadio blog: Unhinged
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