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#MarkRiley @MarkRileyMedia blog: Of Losers and Gifts

by Mark Riley posted Nov 15 2012 12:11PM

So according to GOP loser Mitt Romney, President Barack Obama is Santa Claus. At least that's what Romney told donors and fund raisers in a conference call Wednesday. Continuing the "us and them" mentality that lost him the White House, Romney refused to look in the mirror, and instead blamed big policy "gifts" Obama tendered to blacks, young voters, college age women, Hispanics, you know, the 47%.

Better tell these suckers it was someone else's fault rather than his own. Romney will never, ever admit that he was out organized on the ground by this president. That might lead some of the big money folks who he was conning to ask, "Gee. how'd that happen"? By contrast, Mittens told his donors he was talking about important, serious stuff. Never mind he didn't get specific about much during the campaign. Military strategy, foreign policy, and jobs creation were his issues. Who does he think buys this nonsense? His entire campaign defined the word feckless.

What Romney, and his running mate Paul Ryan are trying to promote is a fetid, backward way of thinking that only a fat cat GOP donor could believe, much less embrace. Ryan, after all, placed the blame for his ticket's loss on "the urban vote". This dog-ate-my-homework excuse making is so transparently stupid even some Republicans had to speak out to condemn it. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker did, proving he just hates unions, not everybody. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal also spoke out.

Maybe all this represents is the deranged musings of two sore losers. Republicans better hope so. Keep it up, and someone may point out all the gifts corporate America gets from government, gifts the Romney Ryan ticket had no intention of eliminating. Worse yet (for the GOP), these statements will get hung around the necks of future Republican office seekers. 

Who was it that said the definition of insanity is doing (or saying) the same thing over and over  and expecting different results? Or are Romney's donors and enablers the ones who are  crazy?

You tell me.

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11/15/2012 12:11PM
Of Losers and Gifts
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11/16/2012 10:51AM
Sore losers
Romney, Ryan, Allen West and others; what sore losers. But, just as long asthey lost. I just hope that the New York State Senate is now Democratic. I don't know what to do with Simcha Felder. All I know is that his constituents voted for a Democrat, to caucus with Democrats.
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